Quality Care

At Mother Earth Food we care about the quality of your food! We partner with local growers and food artisans to bring the healthiest, freshest, in-season, and most delicious food to our local communities. We adhere to the 2008 U.S. Farm Bill standard for local - which means only working with food producers who are within a 400-mile radius of the Asheville, NC area. We seek out partners who align with our strict food producing standards - both in the quality of food they produce as well as in the overall quality of their operation and how they contribute to a sustainable planet.

Our Procurement Standards:

With our fruits and vegetables - We almost always source produce that is organic and regeneratively grown using healthy soil practices without the use of genetically modified seed varieties. Only on rare occasions (typically during the winter months) do we fill in with conventionally raised product. All our produce items are raised using one of the following guidelines:

  • OG = Certified Organic
  • OG/HYD = Certified Organic and Grown Hydroponically
  • CNG = Certified Naturally Grown
  • CV = Conventionally Grown
  • CV/HYD = Conventionally and Hydroponically Grown

Our meat, dairy, and eggs - Always come from animals that are treated humanely at all stages of life - they are not caged, they are provided access to open pastures, they are not given added antibiotics or hormones, and they are never raised in concentrated animal feed operations.

Our pantry items – Are created by food artisans who mindfully source their ingredients; avoid GMO’s; do not use preservatives or artificial flavors; and their business practices align with ours - being considerate of how their companies social, economic, and environmental practices impact their communities.