Our Web Designers

Our goal is to have the freshest food and website! We'd like to thank the Greensboro Website Designers for their amazing work in designing and developing this website. They worked with us to build this site and consult on a few other technical things that were amazingly helpful.

If you're looking for a website definitely hit them up - they know what they're doing.

They left us some tips that are relevant to any food-related website, be it a delivery service or a restaurant. Here are their top # tips for food websites:

  • Make sure you have an easy way for people on your website to contact you. That will usually be a phone number or contact form.
  • If you're a restaurant, you'll want to also have a menu that's easy to use and works well on a phone. Since Covid, QR codes that go to the digital version of the menu have become commonplace. Instead of paying another service to do this for you, have it on your website.
  • Have beautiful photos of everything you can! Your dishes, your food, your staff, your farm, etc. If you can, invest in video to really sell it.
  • More on the technical side, make sure your website is fast and speedy. No one likes a slow website.

Curious about food photography? We're not photographers, so we're not pros but definitely invest in a professional. Websites these days are highly visual and good photos can make or break a design. Our site is super visual and relies heavily on beautiful photos to make the website pop. Most photographers would be happy to help - especially if you offer them some of the food.

The team at Greensboro Web Designers includes all of these and we love our website. If you'd like something similar, check them out at https://greensborowebdesigners.com/.