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We hope you will take a few minutes to read our Vision and Plan and see why we are so very excited, and why so many are working day and night right now with the Mother Earth team to create better new systems to replace the old broken systems in our world.

Our Beliefs


Our current main-stream food supply system in the US is broken, as it creates industrially 
produced toxic food with low nutrition, and is full of harmful chemicals - making us all sick
Our Food Is Making Us Sick
Food Travels

Organic Does Not Mean Nutritional

Even the "organic" label has been co-opted by the large scale industrial food system.

Small Family Farms Struggle

Small family owned farms are not financially sustainable.
The retail and wholesale distribution system keeps about 60-65% or more of the sale price that the end customer pays at the grocery store, so the small family farms cannot survive on such a small share of the final sale price.

Inhumane Factory Farm Animals
And we are not OK with the deplorable treatment of animals on factory farms.

Current Food Supply Uses Massive Fossil Fuel Energy

Food is transported for 100's or 1000's of miles, using non-renewable dirty fossil fuel energy, which has a massive carbon foot print; and it is destroying the environment on mother Earth

Food Travel

Farm to Table
  • Mother Earth Food wants to grow the local food Farm-2-Door movement so that more people get and eat local food that is grown in their local communitiesSupport Local Farmers
  • Mother Earth Food wants to grow a better Farm-2-Door local food system whereby small family farms are thriving around each city, and anyone in any city can order fresh local in-season food, largely from local producers
  • The small family farms get at least 50% of the price that the customer pays for food, so they are financially healthy and viable
  • All vegetables, dairy and meat is non-GMO organically grown, non-toxic, nutritionally healthy and comes from natural soil fertility and deeply humane animal practices
  • All of us can verifiably know the actual quality, toxicity, contents and nutrition of each batch of food we eat, and not just rely on marketing labels (lies) on our food

Fresh From The Farm

Our Plan

Mother Earth Local Food Hubs

We have been working with a group of conscious food movement leaders and local foods eco-system thinkers for months to create this plan to achieve our goals.

The first part of our plan is to create Mother Earth Food Hubs in dozens of major cities over the next 2, 3 and 5 years.

We are launching our service for Charlotte metro area on June 15th.

In 2019-2020, we plan to open Hubs in dozens of cities across the US, so that millions of customers in every major city can order and eat fresh local healthy food from high consciousness local farms.

Food Hubs

Local Partnerships For Each Hub

To support each Hub in each city, we have created a plan, over the next many years, to partner with, develop, support, certify and bring 1000’s of small family farms and dairy/meat producers, into the Mother Earth Farm Network - a local food eco-system.

This will allow Mother Earth to support 1000's of farms by paying them 50% of the sale price to create a healthy local production network that's economically viable.

Partnerships With Local Farms


Over the next 5 years, we plan to support 10,000 small family farms all over the US, supporting and supplying local food to millions of customers in the 200 largest metro areas in the US.

Mother Earth local food Hubs will bring the produce directly from the local producers in each metro directly to the customers in the area, while reducing the too many middle-men currently involved in the current food distribution system.

Bringing food directly from farmers to customers, with no other middle-men, allows Mother Earth to pay the producers about 50% of the sale price to support the actual growers properly.

Farm Network

Trustworthy Food Testing & Verification

Mother Earth is working with leading food testing and certification groups to create a new trust worthy 3rd party “testing and verification system” whereby all food is tested using advanced hand held spectrographic molecular level scanning technology that can factually tell us the actual quality of our food.

We all need to know how healthy or toxic our food is, what the calories and fat and other content is, and what the actual nutrition level actually is.

Testing and Certification

Food Backed Crypto Coin

To power this plan to grow a true national local food eco-system network, and to support 10,000 small local farms and producers, Mother Earth is working with leading blockchain technology and cryptocurrency thinkers to design and create a new food backed Mother Earth crypto-coin.

Yes, we will be releasing a new food crypto-coin in late 2018 to create a new economic ecosystem for the local foods movement.

Stay tuned on this exciting plan that everyone can participate in!

Food Backed Crypto Coin

100% Renewable Clean Energy Operations

All the operations from production to food pickup and delivery vans will move towards 100% renewable clean energy operations over the next few years in the entire Mother Earth Food ecosystem.

From local food Hubs operations to delivery vans, all facilities will move to a 100% carbon neutral business model.

Our goal is to create a 100% clean energy model for our network.

Clean Energy Operations
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Now you can see why we are so excited about our Vision and Plan, and why we want to serve many more families and small local farmers.

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