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Mother Earth Produce Delivery takes community wellness seriously.


That’s why we’ve partnered with A-B Tech to bring our services to campus. By offering home or campus delivery, local & organic food choices become more convenient & accessible for the A-B Tech community! Our grocery company focuses on integrity driven sourcing, and brings the Farmer’s Market and local edibles right to you! 


Bonus: Each order allows MEPD to give back to programs within the A-B Tech Community. 


Support local & organic, feed the family right, AND support A-B Tech initiatives?


Yes, we can.


Let’s champion wholesome lifestyle choices, together!


How It Works




When registering, you'll be asked how you heard about MEPD. Please select "A-B Tech - Student" or "AB Tech - Staff", whichever is most appropriate.


If your home is in the delivery zone and this is your most convenient option, feel free to choose this option.. If campus is more convenient, please type the delivery address as "Sunnicrest Building".


We look forward to serving you soon!


Register now and get $30 in free groceries over your first 3 orders!  


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