Mother Earth at Work

Employee health and wellness is imperative for the success of any business. That's why we built our Mother Earth at Work program to service employees at thier workplaces. Our weekly delivery of fresh, healthy local farm food and prepared goods is the perfect addition to your company's employee wellness initiatives.

Let's work together to make fresh, local food accessible to your employees! Here are some of the ways we can help:

Weekly Deliveries

We can deliver healthy, organic produce directly to your employees, fresh from local farms each week! Our produce bins include seasonal veggies to help make healthy meal choices.

  1. Employees can order on thier own choosing a recurring order or they can order week-by-week. Deliveries can be made to thier home or office. Employees could earn points for their wellness programs, if applicable.
  2. Employers can schedule weekly deliveries of fruits and vegetables to balance the often unhealthy snacks available in office vending machines or hurried fast food drive throughs.

Health fairs

Mother Earth Produce is available to participate in your health and wellness fairs to educate your employees on the benefits of eating fresh fruits and vegetables. Tips on meal planning and recipes will motivate employees on choosing healthy eating habits.

get in touch!

Please contact Kari Brayman at or 828-275-0017 to learn more!


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