Get to know your local farmers! We greatly appreciate their work, and we look forward to working with all of them to provide the community with as much local food as possible!

New River Organic Growers

New River Organic Growers (NROG) is a nonprofit cooperative of 30 local family farms located in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina. Their goal is to provide fresh produce and humanely raised meats to consumers in North Carolina, to help preserve farmland by improving the success of their own farms through the pooling of resources for marketing and transport, bulk purchasing of farming supplies, sharing and coordination of information, and to educate the general public about the benefits of sustainable, local farming and consumption. All of their produce is certified organic or transitioning to certfied organic while using organic practices.


You can learn more about them, and check out the 30 family farms that are a part of this cooperative at:




Eastern Carolina Organics - Durham, NC


ECO markets and distributes wholesale Carolina organic farm produce to retailers, restaurants and buying clubs. ECO is farmer-owned. Eighty percent of theirsales go right back to their growers. Customers get fresh organic veggies and fruits, along with the knowledge that they're enabling farmers to protect their family land. By pooling diverse harvests from several regions, they are able to meet the demand for a steady stream of high-quality, seasonal food choices throughout the year.






Balsam Gardens - Sylva, NC

Balsam Gardens, LLC is a small family farm owned and operated by Steven Beltram and Becca Nestler producing vegetables, pastured poultry, and pork.  Steven and Becca  live in an 1800 farmhouse in Jackson County on three acres and lease two additional properties to round out their productive acreage. Balsam Gardens is dedicated to sustainable and ecological growing practices, producing fresh vegetables, flowers and a variety of pasture raised, hormone and antibiotic free meat. Their role as ecological farmers is to provide the opportunity for  plants and animals to thrive by expressing their own unique characteristics in a natural environment.

Check out their website at

 Ivy Creek Family Farm ~ Barnardsville, NC


Ivy Creek Family Farm is owned by Paul and Anna Littman. They love the miracles of growing plants and building community through food. Being blessed with many great teachers and mentors, they have learned that a truly wise person is first a joyful person and this is their single most important focus in life. Located in Barnardsville, this small  farm is dedicated to bringing fresh sustainable produce to people in WNC. The north fork of the Ivy River runs through our fields, delivering fresh crystal clear water to the plants.

New Sprout Organic Farm - Asheville, NC

New Sprout Organic Farms was founded by Michael Porterfield and Alan Rose. Michael began farming in order to be able to spend more time with his children. What started as a hobby quickly grew into a passion for agriculture. Alan began farming after a corporate career.  Looking to be "part of the solution", he works on the farm, along with his wife, Jill and son, Andrew.

Check out their website at:



R Farm - Weaverville, NC

John Rowland has been farming in this area for almost 30 years. He grows a variety of certified organic veggies for us, and we are so grateful to be working with him!

 Kuster Family Farm - Fletcher, NC

Ernest Kuster is an Agriculture teacher at A.C. Reynolds High School in Buncombe County. Kuster Family Farm is located in the Cane Creek Valley and was founded in 2010. They specialize in green beans and edamame!

Visit their website at:


Whispersholler Farms, LLC - Arden, NC

Whispersholler Farms, LLC  is a series of small family farms in the mountains of Western North Carolina developed by Kendall Huntley. Using sustainable practices and methods such as soil conservation, seed saving, and waste recycling, their production includes berries, fruit trees, and vegetable gardens. They also have a seasonal greenhouse to provide year round growing conditions. Kendall Huntley’s vision is to provide nutritious, certified organic, and organically grown food for residents of Western North Carolina and surrounding counties. He is constantly creating new avenues and outlets to reach the demand. His success with farming has allowed his generosity to grow. Whispersholler Farms maintains their relationship with local food banks and their goal is to provide similar food sources to developing countries around the world at little or no cost. Through community support and teaching others to support themselves, Whispersholler Farms hopes to be on the forefront with a solution to world hunger.

Mountain Valley Organics - Marietta, S.C.

We are so excited to be working with Melinda and Willie Holt who own and operate Mountain Valley Organics in Marietta, S.C. They live in Flat Rock, N.C., which is about 17 miles from their farm in Marietta. They just started harvesting their certified organic berries last year.We can't wait until you try their delicious berries!

Hurricane Creek Farms ~ Greenville, SC

Jesse Adkins owns and runs Hurricane Creek Farms in Greenville, SC. Hurricane Creek Farms specializes in organically grown, hydroponic produce.





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