A farmer is really an artist. It’s not typically how we think of them, but when we take a closer look at how an artist creates, we begin to see that farming is every bit the work of an artist.

Art is harmony. A painter sees the harmony between shapes, textures, and colors – and weaves them into a of beautiful piece that delights our eyes and touches our soul. A musician, similarly, works with harmony – the harmonization of sounds that fill the universe to create melodic and harmonious music. A writer or poet also works with harmony – the harmonization of words and language to fill our hearts and our minds.

A farmer also works with harmony – the harmonization of the earth’s elements: soil, water, and sunshine – the key components of our food production. The farmer is the painter; the soil is the canvas; and sunshine, water, and earth are the paints. Our food does not automatically appear even when growing conditions are perfect. We have food because farmers understand how to balance these elements to produce the perfect soil – working in harmony with the earth to provide the maximum opportunity for food to grow and flourish. So yes, farming is indeed art.

At Mother Earth Food, we have a deep reverence for the art of farming and have much gratitude for the farmers in our community who provide us with locally raised food. The farmer is the artist, and we are the appreciators and benefactors of their art. So, we share a very deep, sincere, and heart-felt thank you to all our farmers and food production partners who share their beautiful and delicious creations with our community. You help move us towards a more sustainable future.