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29 Hawk Hill Road
Asheville, NC 28806


Turn right into gate at the entrance of Smith Mill Works, and go down the lane to the green warehouse.


Warehouse Pick Up Hours

Thursday 10-3
Saturday 9-2

Account Management

From the "My Account" drop-down menu:



Location PinThis where you can find all of your personal information associated with your Mother Earth Food account. From here you can edit your contact, billing, delivery and payment information.



Delivery TruckThis is where you can see a list of your upcoming orders for the next few weeks to be delivered on Thursday, Friday or Saturday based on your address including the order number. Additionally, each order includes a list of the individual items in each order.


“Delivery Hold”

Delivery BinGoing away or on vacation? Need to Skip a delivery? Set the date you are leaving/returning.

Setting vacation/away dates will tell the system that you don't want your delivery during the time-frame you specify – after the "Returning" date has been reached, the system will automatically start your deliveries again – nothing further to do on your part.


“Recurring Items”

RadishWhen adding an item to your basket, you can choose to make that item recurring so it will automatically be in your basket every week, every other week, every month or on specific dates depending on what you select from the drop-down menu. Here you can view, delete or change the quantity of your recurring items.



CartHere you can see credits to your account including quality concerns, missing items, referrals, and gift certificates. You can also see a list of all your past orders and view the items you purchased. You can print out a full list of the items from a specific order from this page



ComputerFrom here you can opt in or out of the MEF Newsletters. Additionally, you can leave notes and instructions for the delivery driver such as where to leave your bin and other special instructions.



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