Supply… Chain… Crisis… These three words have certainly been making headlines in recent weeks and with good reason. During the time of Covid, we are consuming more of everything, while at the same time, we are producing less. In a nutshell, that’s the supply chain crisis.

The food industry has certainly been impacted by supply chain issues, and at Mother Earth Food, where we deal almost exclusively with local and regional producers, we are now feeling the impact from these shortages.

Many of our packaged items are being impacted by supply chain shortages. Whether it’s milk cartons, yogurt containers, juice bottles, or packaging for meat – these containers require manufacturing – and right now the manufacturing sector is having problems keeping up with demand. For many producers, there can easily be a 6 to 8-week backlog (and sometimes longer) just to get the containers they need to complete the manufacturing of their products. We are doing our best to maintain our regular availability even in these trying times and we thank you for your patience and understanding.

And then, compounding the situation even further, as the weather cools, many of our favorite fruits and vegetables will be out of season until the return of Spring. But even as supplies are less than plentiful, what we do offer is an opportunity to impact our community with how we choose to eat.

Eating locally raised and produced food creates the opportunity to assist our community in moving towards a more sustainable future. Eating local means food travels fewer miles, which equals fewer emissions from transport vehicles, including airplanes, ships, and trucks. Whereas locally raised food travels about 50 miles to reach the consumer’s table, non-local food travels 1,500 miles on average and reaches the table 13 days past harvest. Local food systems also support local economies, generate jobs, and make fresh food available to those with limited access to healthy food. It brings communities together by opening a dialog between consumers and farmers and creates a stronger sense of place.

All of this makes up what we call the “complete quality” of a product. When the criteria for high quality food is understood to be more about how and where the product was raised . . . then Mother Earth Food is second to none in bringing high quality fresh food to our community.

We appreciate your partnership, and the more local products you purchase through Mother Earth Food – the more you are directly supporting your local farmers and producers and helping our community move towards a more sustainable future. Let’s all commit to eating more in harmony with what nature provides us, especially during the winter months. It may not be as diverse a diet as is summer eating, but it’s equally as rewarding, knowing that it comes from our own local and regional “backyard.”

We thank you so much for your continued support. Together, we really are creating a sustainable future by eating locally produced foods.