We currently have a waitlist for new customers. Please sign up on our website at We will be in communication via email, social media, and our newsletter as we are able to expand.

We are working around the clock to accommodate everyone on our waitlist. We now have five routes a day, Thursday through Sunday. We are taking new people off the waitlist and into our system in increments based on zip code and route density. You will receive an email when we are ready for you to begin ordering. We are also expanding our delivery areas and working on pick-up spots for those out of our delivery areas.

Every Saturday we have vegetable boxes for pick-up at our warehouse for $25 on a first-come, first-served basis beginning at 9 AM until supplies run out. Customers do not need to pre-order these boxes- just show up. This is a drive-through opportunity. We will put the boxes in the trunk of your car, and we accept cash or credit card. 

Before the pandemic, our Saturday boxes consisted of our leftover vegetables from our bin deliveries the week prior. With increased demand, we are now purchasing additional produce for these boxes and have hired additional staff to offer this Saturday service.

For safety reasons and protocol, not at this time.

Please drop off ice pack or bags at the Mother Earth Food van in the Earth Fare Westgate parking lot on Mondays, 8 AM to 8 PM. The back of the van will be open - just place your ice pack and/or bag in the van. 

We want to make sure you are completely satisfied with your order. If you experience anything less, please contact us so we can "make it right".  If an item is not up to quality standards, missing from your order, or otherwise, please contact us so we can credit your account.  As part of our internal quality assurance, we evaluate concerns and implement new strategies as a team to improve our overall operations and experience. 

Not at this time. If you would like to submit an application for us to keep on file, please contact

We currently have in place a robust Food and Safety plan with strict protocols for our facility, employees, and drivers. We have a USDA style SSOP (Sanitation Standard Operating Procedures) and in that each week the warehouse and delivery vans are completely emptied, scrubbed and then sanitized including walls, floors, and all equipment. Daily, we maintain the facility with proper cleaning procedures including having rotating staff sanitize at-risk surfaces every hour. Our employees are pre-screened and are under serious protocols for personal safe practices away from work. While at work, our employees are required to check in each day on their health and must adhere to the MEF Food and Safety plan which is far more extensive than just wearing gloves and masks. All employees are educated on potential risk factors and preventative measures as well as personal well being and immune system boosting endeavors. Our drivers are required to do “no-touch” delivery to our customers, maintain recommended safe distances and wear masks and gloves at all times. They too are educated on potential risks and preventative measures. We are going the extra distance to ensure our employees and customers are as safe as possible during these trying times!w


Product Information

Our flagship offering is our “fixed” and “customizable” produce baskets. These bins contain locally grown produce, fresh from local farms. “Fixed” means a straightforward offering without substitutions, while “customizable” bins allow for substitutions with over 25 choices of produce. "Customizable" bins can be personalized when the ordering window opens for the week, Fridays at noon. 
The small baskets contain 7-9 portions; medium bins 11-13 portions and large bins 14-17 portions. The contents of your bin will vary each week depending on what is in season and available from our local farms. A "portion" size varies depending on the specific fruit or vegetable. For example, 1 portion could equal 3 apples, 1 bunch of carrots, or 1 Lb. of potatoes.  

We also feature local, humanely raised meats and sustainably sourced seafood, dairy and eggs, baked goods & sweets, pantry items and prepared foods from local vendors to make meal preparation simple. 

Produce is often picked up at our farms the day before we deliver the produce to you. We order only what we need for each week. On Saturday mornings, we offer discounted baskets to eliminate food waste, available for pick up, from 9-2. $25 cash, check or card. 


Our local farms are defined by our delivery area: North & South Carolina. We depend on our network of farmers to supply us with seasonal, yet diverse produce. Having the luxury of multiple growing regions in the Carolinas helps us to provide year-round local food. We develop personal relationships with every one of our growers & food artisans, most of them are small family-owned businesses like ourselves. 

While we strive to choose produce from close to home as possible, seasonal availability and growing climates of certain products, such as bananas will limit the ability to source exclusively from farmers in the Appalachian Foodshed, in which case we certain products are sourced regionally or beyond.


The majority of the farms we work with certified organic*, with over 80% of our produce falling in this category. We do however also source from farmers who utilize organic growing practices, but are not certified, as this is often restrictive and cost prohibitive for the small farmer. Each product will be noted with the growing practice and source. To maintain transparency, items labeled organic are from farms certified by the USDA. Organically grown are items from farms that are not certified by utilizing organic growing practices. This is common for small farms.

During the winter season, we will source everything we can locally. We will be working with some local hydroponic growers and using hardy root crops. If we cannot source items locally, from the Appalachian Foodshed, we do aim for organically grown as the gold standard. Each item will be noted with the growing method and the source.
At Mother Earth Food, we source meat products from pasture raised animals.  Farms are considered for utilization of production practices that emphasize the environment, animal welfare and the viability of small-scale livestock producers. 


Ordering Information

You can order online at  Following registration, you will be able to login and place your order using your userID and password.  The ordering window opens on Fridays at noon, and ends Monday at 5 PM.  You can edit and modify your order during this window. 

There is not a check out button, however, items in the cart at the cut-off are invoiced at 5 PM on MONDAY.  Please check your order, and notify us ASAP if there are modifications to be made.
Every Friday afternoon, we email out the Harvest Menu for the following week. This email signifies the opening of the ordering window, which ends at the deadline, Monday at 5 PM. On Tuesday morning, orders are compiled and placed with our farmers and vendors. You will receive a confirmation email when order is placed. Items in the cart at the Monday 5 PM cut-off will be invoiced and delivered. If you have any questions, please contact CUSTOMER CARE.
Select either the small, medium or large customizable bin and add to your cart. In the cart, click on "What's Inside" and make your selections.  You will have to delete undesired items to allow for other selections. Make sure to hit "Save Customizations" to save your selections. Customizations can be made each week once the Harvest Menu is released, Friday afternoon through Monday at 5 PM.
We want to make sure you are completely satisfied with your order. If you experience anything less, please contact us so we can "make it right".  If an item is not up to quality standards, missing from your order, or otherwise, please contact us so we can credit your account.  As part of our internal quality assurance, we evaluate concerns and implement new strategies as a team to improve our overall operations and experience. 

Yes. $28. Minimums ensure an efficient, sustainable delivery system, and align with our smallest bins. Thank you for your understanding! 

Your credit card will be charged on Wednesdays before delivery begins. You will receive an invoice for your order once your order is received. Please let us know ASAP if there are any changes to your order. If you experience any issues with your order, please contact us immediately so we can make it right. For credits under $15, a credit to your account will be applied. For credits over $15, you will receive a refund to your card on file.

Absolutely!  Click on "Gift Certificates" in the header, or follow this link:  Gift Certificates.  The process is simple. Provide the information necessary, and customize the amount, and we will send a confirmation of receipt to the purchaser, and the gift certificate with instructions on how to redeem to the recipient.

In addition, we have a "Refer a Friend" program that helps to spread the good word...and give you a credit! Details about this program can be found in the "Referrals" tab in "My Account"


Delivery Information

Please check out our delivery maps to view our delivery areas. We serve the Asheville, NC area and Upstate SC.

We deliver to the Asheville area on Thursday and Friday, and Upstate SC on Saturday and Sunday. Deliveries start at 8 AM, and end around 6 PM approximately. Our drivers will text when the delivery is complete. Please make sure to update the phone number in "My Account" to receive a notification. Exact times for home deliveries can vary due to the number of customers on a route and considerations such as traffic.


We typically deliver in recycled, reusable plastic bins, with reusable ice packs and freezer bags. We would normally trade these out each week, cleaning the items between each use. 

In this time and for safety purposes, however, we have had to move to recycled cardboard boxes. We cannot take back the boxes, ice packs or freezer bags for sanitation purposes at the time of delivery. 

One big help is if you are home when your delivery is made please leave a note on the door that you are home so the driver will not need to leave an ice pack in your freezer bag.

We do however need to get back any freezer bags and ice packs you do have, just not on the same delivery van with food to be distributed. We are now leaving a truck out at the Westgate parking lot all day on Mondays 8 am-8 pm where folks can leave these items in the back. We then will run them through a strict sanitation process and reuse them.

Deliveries will be packed in recycled plastic bins with lids. The bins help to insulate against the elements. The bins are packed with ice packs, and frozen items are packed in freezer bags. If you have ordered dairy or other cold sensitive products, it is good practice to leave a cooler out. Our drivers will transfer these items to your cooler. 
Please remember to always leave your empty bin, ice packs and freezer bags out for us to pick up/exchange on the following delivery each time. Thank you so much for your help and cooperation with this! If you need to return a bin, please contact customer care so we can add your pick up to the next route in your area. 
Our home delivery is only $4.99! We also offer FREE DELIVERY with orders over $75.00!


Account Management

Follow the link to reset password. An email will be sent with instructions to reset. 
Once logged in, go to "Account Info". This is where your name, email, delivery and billing address(es), phone and payment information is maintained. Please note to contact us if you need to change your delivery address so we can properly route you.
You can see your upcoming orders by logging in, and using the drop down to go to "Upcoming Orders".  Dates go out 4 weeks at a time. 
Log into "My Account" and use the drop down to the "Delivery Hold" field and enter the dates you will be away.

Our core desire at Mother Earth Food is to create stronger more sustainable relationships between our farmers and community. In early 2019, we made a shift in our model in that we now ask that our customers commit to a weekly or biweekly ordering of produce baskets.  This relationship is a win-win for everyone. It helps the farmer achieve a successful season, helps create a more sustainable business for Mother Earth Food, and helps our community by strengthening the local food economy. Our commitment to our customers is the same.  We bring you the highest quality, freshest, local organic food to help you create and sustain a “food as medicine” lifestyle that is easy and convenient. 

Going out of town? Unable to receive a delivery? Not to worry! If you need to pause deliveries, you can, by using the “Skip Delivery” feature in “My Account” and set the dates you will be away.  This should be done before Monday 5 PM. Additionally, if you would like to remove your produce basket from your cart, you can, so long as the remainder of the order reaches the $28 minimum for delivery.

Once logged in, use the drop down to go to the "Account Balance" field,  Here you will find the account balance, as well as your delivery history.
Once logged in, go to the "Preferences" field.  Make sure to check the "Email Me Order Reminders". This is how you can receive important updates pertaining to your order including delivery status, possible substitutions, and flash sale opportunities.

You can also update notes to the drivers for delivery.  If it is an upcoming delivery after the ordering cut-off, please contact customer care.



Our warehouse is in the Smith Mill Works Complex in West Asheville, NC.

The physical address is:
29 Hawk Hill Road
Asheville, NC 28806

GPS address is 151 Cedar Hill Road, Asheville, NC 28806.
Turn into gate at the entrance of Smith Mill Works, and go down the lane to green warehouse.
For warehouse pickups, please come during the following. Please let customer service which day you will pick up.

Thursday from 10-3 
Saturday from 9-2

For discounted $25 Saturday Bins, we accept cash, check or charge. First come, first serve...and they go quickly!





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