Printable SOS Fundraising Flyer

Support Our Schools (SOS):  

A Healthy Fundraising Program in WNC

Support Local Schools, Businesses, Farms + Communities


Thank you for your interest in partnering with Mother Earth Produce: From Local Farms to your Front Door and our regional farm and business partners!  We believe in our schools and community and want to help you raise funds for your projects, programs and education needs.


Note: Your school and those ordering need to be within 50 miles of Asheville to participate in SOS due to our current delivery routes.  We look forward to expanding SOS to serve schools within 25 miles of Greenville, SC, in Fall 2013.



      • 1.  Fill out the registration form below.  

        2.  Mother Earth Produce assigns your school an SOS code and sends it to your registration contact along with an outreach packet. 

        3.  Your school reaches out to your networks with the SOS code and asks for support.

        4.  The first 100 orders purchased using your school SOS code earns your school $4/order, or $400.

         **Benchmarks: You can continue to earn additional funding throughout the year for selling additional orders. Your school will earn $2 for any number of orders sold over 100 through May 31 of the following year!

        For example: Your school’s parents, teachers, friends, neighbors, etc. order 100 veggie bins using the SOS school code.  Your school earns $400, or $4/order for those first 100 orders.  Then your network continues to order as they wish using the school code.  For every additional order sold over 100, the school earns an additional $2/order.



1.  Every order counts as long as your code is used.  Those ordering can be repeat customers or new customers and can use the code as many times as they like. 

  • 2.  Checks are cut to schools bi-monthly or with a minimum of 25 orders.
  • 3.  The fundraising benchmark opportunities for each registered school reset annually on May 31.
  • 4.  Each school may only register once per year, so collaborate within your school and come together to raise proceeds for a number of different projects or just one, but do it together!




Make sure you complete the entire form and submit it at the bottom.


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